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There are many steps followed to get into the kiosk banking solutions. Let us discuss it one by one,

Login: This allows the user to login and access all the services provided by the kiosk banking. To do this the user must enter into the kiosk banking site first and should click login.

  • Enter the correct user name in the username textbox
  • And now give the correct password.
  • Enter the login button.
  • If you did not register it before then you should click the registration button and register all your details.

User Configuration: Once you enter into the main page you can see all buttons. If you want to use this user configuration then

  • Click the user configuration which is will be under the user maintenance sub menu. This option will help user to create new kiosk user or you can update your details.

ADD new user:  To add a new user in the kiosk bank you should,

  • First enter all the needed details in the given boxes. In the user information tab you should enter first name, last name, identification type, identification number, date of birth.
  • Enter the user group id.
  • In the address box give the full address with the pin code and mobile number.
  • Now enter the user id for which you have created now.
  • Click add button to continue
  • Now the 8 digit user id for the newly created person will be appeared on the screen and if it is not created then it will show a error message.

Querying the user details:  Enter  kiosk id in the user id box and now banking user can query any details by clicking the query button which is at the bottom of page. San Francisco banking offers the best benefits.

Updating the details:   After the bank user queries the details now you can change any field and click update button and then  your details will be updated now.

Deleting the user:  After you query all the kiosk details now you can also delete user just by clicking the delete  button. The response message will be displayed on screen.

Changing users PIN:  If the user loose his PIN the he must click the change status PIN and here he can regenerate the PIN. The bank user will regenerate the kiosk user PIN and the PIN is default password which can be generated only by the administrator.